Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy outlines the practices and procedures regarding the collection, use, and protection of personal data by Gamewinz. By accepting the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy, users consent to provide sensitive personal data or personal information and understand the purposes for sharing such information. Below is a summary of the key points covered in the policy:

Policy Objective: Gamewinz respects user privacy and is committed to protecting personal data in accordance with applicable laws. The policy outlines the procedures followed by Gamewinz for collecting, using, storing, disclosing, and managing users' personal data.

Information Collection: Gamewinz collects information provided by users when using or registering on the platform, accessing accounts, communicating with the company, participating in surveys, or uploading content. This includes sensitive personal data such as account passwords and financial information, as well as other personal information like name, date of birth, contact details, and IP address.

Use of Information: The collected information is used for various purposes, including providing services, improving services, marketing, sharing data with authorized parties, and using cookies for website functionality and personalization.

Data Security: Gamewinz employs security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. However, absolute security cannot be guaranteed, and users are advised to exercise caution when transmitting personal information over the internet.

User Control: Users have control over their data, including the ability to update information, withdraw consent, and request deletion of data. Gamewinz will comply with such requests subject to certain conditions and legal requirements.

Data Retention: Gamewinz retains user information for the duration necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy, unless longer retention periods are required by law.

Exclusions: Personal data may be shared in certain circumstances, such as legal compliance, enforcement of terms, fraud prevention, information security, or protection of rights.

Limitation of Liability: Gamewinz limits its liability regarding user information as outlined in the Terms of Service. The company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice.

Grievance Officer: Gamewinz appoints a Grievance Officer to address complaints related to personal data. Users can contact the Grievance Officer for assistance.

Overall, the Privacy Policy emphasizes Gamewinz's commitment to protecting user privacy and ensuring transparency in data practices. Users are encouraged to read the full policy for a comprehensive understanding of their rights and obligations regarding personal data.